March Goes Out With A Bang

Return of moderate to strong south westerly winds for the remainder of March, with medium to large swell looking like it will be peaking Friday (1st April actually), probably somewhere in the 6-8ft region.

Unfortunately, for surfing, the large swell, which will include a decent proportion of long interval ground swell, will be accompanied by onshore winds, with little chance of a clean wave on the South Coast, unless its big enough to get those semi-secret spots firing.

Looking like great conditions for next few days for both kitesurfing and windsurfing with decent winds and swell, the only downside being the straight onshore conditions at many beaches.

March 2011, up till today, was one of the driest on record, with temperatures above average also. This was caused by the blocking highs and the jet stream being further North than we may expect. This week sees the jet stream returning to its more familiar position, bringing a succession of low pressure systems over the UK. Could easily be the pattern for April, but can't accurately forecast that far ahead.

High tides for Weds are 4.15 ish moving off neaps.

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