South Coast Surf & Wind Forecast 2/6/11

Unfortunately entering the early Summer doldrums for surf on the South Coast. Nothing around today, and nothing on the horizon.

Maybe get a few knee high ones on the tidal push fanned by offshore NE breezes in the sunshine over the next few days, but other than pushing your kids into waves for the first time on  foamie, can't see too much TOW (time on the water) happening.

Back in 90's when I didnt have the  grown up committments I do nowadays (ie job, mortgage, kids, etc), there were occasions when desperate for a surf at  this time of year, I would get a cheap flight down to Portugal or France and  hitch around trying to find some swell some where.

The advantage I have now is age & wisdom over youth, as invariably what I used to find this time of year is that if there's no activity in the North Atlantic, theres very little chance of getting a wave in England, France, Spain or Portugal, although there are certain spots which make the most of what there may be.

Make the most of the sunshine, get the BBQ out, go snorkelling, SUPing, kayaking to get your fix of water time, because June traditionally isnt just the start of our Summer down here - it is our summer.