Nuts Weekend of Surf, SUP and Windsurf

Another fantastic weekend which started with some nice clean waves and very warm sea and air temperatures.

The tides were a bit high on Saturday morning for the small clean waves we had, so I choose to SUP from Wacker Quay to St Germans. Absolutely stunning journey - was similar to the River Dart. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos but will take a camera next time.

On Sunday, we were greeted by f5 Southerly winds, so instead of surfing lumpy waves, went wave sailing down at Looe, launching from Hannafore Point. From the launch point, it looked like small wind swell, but once out of the shelter of Looe Island, there was a good size swell and is a fantastic place to sail.

After a showery start on Monday the sun came out and the winds increased through the day and after getting some of my erm, 'work from home' duties cleared, rigged up for a low tide flat water session at St Johns, Torpoint. I've had several sessions this year which I could describe as the best ever, and this was another. Wearing a shortie wetsuit, I ended up hanging off my 5.5 wave sail and 90l board (I'm 100kg)  - a very windy and sunny day with only a couple of others out.

I just need to remember a decent camera next time for photographic evidence!

Windsurfing St Johns Lake

Windsurfing St Johns Lake

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