Windy Weekend

A great forecast held up down here in Cornwall with better than forecast blessing us with mild temperatures and sunshine.


Due to family commitments, i had no option but to stay local, sailing at St Johns.

Saturday was 30kt ssw - not my preferred direction at Stj, as the peninsula tends to de-power the wind, also making it gusty.

After about 45 mins on my 6.2, the wind filled in as forecast, so i changed down to my 5.5.

Unfortunately, due to the very neap tides, the speed strip didn't appear.

Sunday was a repeat of the Sunday last weekend - thunder and lightning and squalls prevented me from sleeping too long, but allowed enough time to fuel up.


Sailing alone at the edge of my limits is something i have got used to , but thankfully there were a couple of others turned up. Enjoyed a full-power session on my 4.7 & 90l FSW in the sunshine.