About Surf Reports / Forecasts

These surf reports & forecasts are based on eyeball reports from both Whitsand Bay & Challabrough.

For the majority of the time conditions such as swell and wind here are very likely to be similar at Bigbury, Bantham, Porthleven or Praa Sands or even Kimmeridge Bay (K-Bay) further up the coast.

This is because:

  • most of these spots face the same way and have similar swell windows - ie they face south west
  • geographically, they are not too far apart, so localised conditions apart (such as funnelling of NE winds at Bigbury / Bantham) wind directions & strength are likely to be similar
  • tides are similar times (Porthleven is 20 minutes before Whitsands)

Because of the above, there is an element of compromise inĀ  these reports, however, for 95% of the time they'll give a good indication.

Unfortunately, unlike the North Coast where much of the surf is generated from ground swells out at sea, many of the surfing conditions we receive in South Cornwall / Devon are as the result of close range wind swell with prevailing winds pushing swell in a south westerly / westerly direction. The time many of us head out for a surf is typically the short window of opportunity after the associated cold front has gone through and the wind eased and backed around to the North West cleaning the waves up.

During the Winter season, South Cornwall / Devon also benefit from the groundswells giving us 'proper' surfing conditions. More variation could occur between wave size at these spots if the ground swell had to wrap around Lands End from a more Northerly direction, meaning that places further West such as Porthleven & Praa Sands would benefit from more size & power.

Therefore for these reports, spots such as Porthleven, you may want to add an extra ft or so to the size, and also because the reef focusses the waves energy makinig the most of the available swell. (Praa Sands faces slightly more South so receives less than Porthleven.)