Whitsands Surf Report & Forecast

Surfing Guide
Whitsand Bay, aka 'Whitsands' is a a bay stretching 5km from Polhawn (near Rame Head) to Looe. Main parts popular with surfers is the part between Tregonhawke (aka Main Beach amongst the locals) and Tregantle. This area faces South West and is exposed to SW swells, with best conditions generated by low pressures in the bay of Biscay. NE winds are offshore, but East is gusty cross off and clean enough. Any winds with West in them mess things up.

In terms of quality, Whitsands is generally mediocre alhough it does have its good days. Advantages are that at low tide, you can normally find somewhere uncrowded if you prepared to explore, and the water quality's good. Disadvantages are that it is a slow wave and doesnt handle long period swell too well, resulting in close-outs. (I personally find that more fun and better peaks are to be found when its still a bit lumpy.)

Parking is a problem when the suns shining, meaning that Tregantle with its parking overflow is more popular with visitors.

If things are maxed out at Whitsands, generally rule of thumb is that Portwrinkle is 2ft smaller and Seaton / Downderry 2ft smaller again. Both of these alternatives suffer crowding, with only Seaton suitable for beginners / intermediates. If the swell is massive, can travel further West and you may find Millendreath or Looe breaking, although wave quality isnt great.

Kitesurfing & Windsurfing Guide
For Kitesurfing & windsurfing, Southerlies or North Westerlies are suitable for main breaks of Whitsands although the 200ft trek down the cliffs puts off most windsurfers. Seaton is more popular for windsurfing due to its easy beach access and grassy rigging area. Seaton does suffer form a wind shadow inshore and rule of thumb is if its blowing up or down the valley, then it may be worth looking elsewhere. Also be aware of shore break at anything other than low tide.

Looe is a great windsurf/kitesurf spot with winds funnelling between Looe Island and West Looe, and the fact that on there is a reef on the other side of the Island that holds big unbroken waves (although I did see it breaking in January). Launch area is in front of coastguard station.

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MSW swell & surf forecast for Whitsands (main exposed breaks - reduce these further West you go)