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Nuts Weekend of Surf, SUP and Windsurf

Another fantastic weekend which started with some nice clean waves and very warm sea and air temperatures. The tides were a bit high on Saturday morning for the small clean waves we had, so I choose to SUP from Wacker Quay to St Germans. Absolutely stunning journey – was similar to the River Dart. Unfortunately […]

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Tidal Surge / Tsunami, South Coasts of Devon & Cornwall on Monday 27th June 2011

I first heard about the ‘tsunami’ on Radio Cornwall on Monday evening, but hadn’t heard anything since, besides an eyeball report from the river Tamar at Millbrook. First noticed at about 9am (which would be the same time as Monday morning’s low tide) by both tourists and bait diggers at St Michaels Mount, the Looe […]

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Mythical Spot X Reef

The Mythical Spot X reef being wavesailed. Seen photos of it looking way bigger and can get pretty lairy by the look of it. I think the fact that you’re out in the atlantic and about 5250km of water you & New York, and the fact its a trek to get to keeps things pretty […]

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